The Purity HD lens is our premium progressive design for the Edward Beiner Signature Lens® Collection.
While the Clarity HD is strategically fitted to provide an optimal field of vision and clarity, the Purity HD design is more individualized, taking into consideration frame size, fit, and usage. These features allow our eyewear specialists to build lenses that are optically correct at every point. Personalized measurements, rear lens progressive design, and the advanced precision of the digital manufacturing, gets you one step closer in the pursuit of perfect vision.


In addition to sharing the same benefits of the Purity HD, the Purity HD Full View Wrap’s wider field of vision creates less peripheral distortion for lenses that provide coverage for the entire eye. For outdoor enthusiasts and weekend warriors, the curvature and coverage of the Full View Wrap offers many advantages including UV blocking, reduced glare, wind shielding and overall eye protection. Whether you’re a hiker, runner, boater or cyclist, our eyewear specialists can match your prescription with performance brands like Oakley, TAG Heuer or Maui Jim, to fit your individual needs.