Edward Beiner, a native of Brazil who was educated in Canada with stops in Europe opened his first store in South Miami in 1981. With his ability to spot and set trends, the young brand-savvy designer quickly developed a reputation as an influential industry leader. Today Edward Beiner is nine stores and growing, located in many of South Florida's most fashionable areas. Each store has become synonymous with uniquely innovative products and exceptional customer service, both hallmarks of the Edward Beiner brand.
Today, Edward Beiner is spending more time doing what he loves best; designing his own signature eyewear collections for men and women and curating eyewear from around the world that stirs his imagination, and that surely will stir yours too.

Mr. Balocco, a highly respected figure in the international eyewear industry, was educated in the finest schools in Italy where he received both graduate and under graduate degrees in business; and distinguished himself early on in his career by publishing articles in Italian business journals advocating the modernization of Italy's accounting methods.
As a young aspiring executive, Mr. Balocco became CEO of Persol and overhauled the company's sales and marketing. He strengthened Persol's financial structure to enable the company to compete in the international arena and organized a joint venture with the former president of ski manufacturer, Nordica, to engineer a leveraged buyout of Persol, which he then sold to Luxottica.

It was a chance encounter for Edward Beiner and Mr. Balocco who, sitting next to one another at a catwalk featuring Moschino during Milan's Fashion Week, discovered they both shared a passion for eyewear.
In 2001 Mr. Balocco joined Edward Beiner as a partner and board member.  In the last 11 years, he has had an enormous impact on the company's accounting and financial controls and has been instrumental in the brand's expansion.  His strategic direction and financial acumen are integral parts of the brand's long term strategy to be purveyors of the finest eyewear worldwide.
Together, their commitment to creativity and excellence will ensure that Edward Beiner remain at the forefront of the eyewear market.